A Message from Sylvester Aden

Welcome to the website of National Security Command. My name is Sylvester Aden, and I am here to tell you more about the NSC, and how we protect the good citizens of Great Britain from anyone that threatens the order and stability of our fair land.

In these pages, I will tell you how the NSC was formed in 2017, give you a guide to the organisation, a virtual tour of our headquarters in Lierbury, and many, many more insights into this, the most powerful and effective force this country has ever known.

You may consider a career with the NSC. If so, please get in contact with us. We are always looking for the right kind of people, and have positions to suit almost everyone.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Judicial Ruling on Cambridge Riots

After five years of investigation, the NSC has been completely exonerated of any blame concerning the deaths of 115 and injury of 212 demonstrators during the Cambridge Riots during May of 2018.

According to official estimates, there were over 6,000 demonstrators occupying various campuses around Cambridge University. The demonstrators refused requests to disperse, so attempts were made to contain the protesters by use of the Eagle Riot Control team and NSC Field Operatives.

It became clear that the demonstration posed a threat to life and property, so the Eagles were instructed to disperse the crowd by use of CZ sprays. The Field Operatives, in the meantime, identified and detained those individuals who were engaged in coordinating the protest.

The deaths and injuries occurred at this time. The majority of which were due to the violent nature of the protesters as they sought to escape. A few of the deaths were as a result of unknown and unforeseeable allergic reactions to CZ gas. The NSC has been cleared of any responsibility of these deaths.

During the aftermath of this demonstration, 95% of all protesters involved have been identified, and prosecutions made where appropriate. This high figure is due in no small part to the Government's ID chip scheme and the use of hand held scanners by NSC Field Operatives.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

National Road Charging Transponders

From April 2021, all vehicles on UK roads MUST be fitted with an NRC Transponder. Vehicles arriving at ports will be refused entry if they do not have an NRC Transponder  fitted. Any vehicle found without an NRC  Transponder  after this date will be confiscated and crushed.

National Road Charging is for the benefit of all drivers, both private and professional. Instead of a flat tax on your vehicle, you will be charged according to which roads you use and how often you use them, based on a share of the upkeep costs of those roads. Fair, isn't it?

The NRC Transponders will keep a track of your vehicle at all times. So, not only will your road tax be fair, your car can be easily traced if it is lost or stolen. This will reduce the chance of vehicle thefts. Another good reason to get your NRC  Transponder  installed.

One word of warning. NRC Transponders allow the NSC to identify all vehicles that break speed limits, wherever they are, whether in town, on a motorway, or on an open country stretch of road. Safety cameras and speed guns will no longer be needed. So, KEEP YOUR SPEED LEGAL.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mandatory ID Chipping

The Government's ID chip scheme becomes MANDATORY from January 1st 2021.

ID chips give citizens security and protection:

Vehicles are now manufactured with a sensor that treats the ID chip as a key. Only authorised people can unlock the vehicle doors or drive the vehicles.

Cheque, credit, and debit cards are already being phased out by banks. ID chips are all that will be needed to make financial transactions. Cash, both notes and coins, will be phased out in two years. This will reduce mugging, pickpocketing, burglary, and some other forms of theft.

You will no longer need tickets when travelling by public transport. Simply use your ID chip when beginning and ending your journey.

For businesses, access to critical areas of buildings can be limited by using locks that recognise authorised ID chips. Household sensor locks will become available within the next few months.

ID chips will also help with the provision of health services, benefits, and other social services.

Passports will continue to be used for the next three years before also being discontinued in favour of ID chips.

Make sure you get access to these benefits as soon as possible. Your ID chips can be implanted painlessly in your right hand and the soft part of your neck. They are similar to the chips already used for pets.

Get your chips implanted, and avoid prosecution.

National Cleansing

The government's sanctuary on the Isle of Wight is nearing completion. Some have called this a prison, but that is far from the truth. It is a town, designed to be home for a million UK citizens whose personality disorders, addictions, and behavioural problems make it difficult for them to live in harmony with the rest of society.

The inhabitants will have all they need for happy and fulfilled lives, including protection, supervision, medical care, and therapy.

As I have already said, this is not a prison. If one of the townsfolk wishes to return to society, and can satisfy the authorities that they are willing and able to live in harmony with the main population of the nation, then they will receive the practical and financial means to begin their life anew away from the sanctuary.